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The Organisational Inputs Into Decision Making

Managers don't make decisions in isolation, they do so in an organisational context. This can either be helpful, or unhelpful, it can provide adequate guidance and support, or inadequate. Setting up this context in advance of an incident, emergency, or crisis is critical to the final outcome.

This is the theme of a talk given to the leadership group of Queensland Fire & Emergency Services. It examines the 1994 Black Hawk Friendly Fire accident, and the 2013 Dunalley Fire in Tasmania. In both cases poor decision making was the result of organisational inputs that were both inadequate and unhelpful.

The talk can be viewed on video here, password access is For better

Slides from the talk are available on request from, here is a sample -

If you would like to discuss the issues raised here further, or how they might apply in your context, feel free to comment below or contact

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