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for when failure is NOT an option

Decision making in the face of adversity - incident, emergency, and crisis management, the human factors and organisational inputs that ensure safety, mitigate risk, and minimise error

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Lessons from the Dunalley Fire

"Decisions taken on the fireground, at the location of any kind of emergency or military engagement, are driven by the demands of the...

Intelligence Is Not Forecasting

The value of intelligence does not lie in the accuracy of its forecasts, but the quality of the decisions it informs, the actions it...

The Formosa Hà Tinh Toxic Spill

The 2016 toxic spill into the coastal waters of Central Vietnam was the worst environmental disaster in the nation’s peacetime history....

'Shoot, Don't Shoot'

Military decisions carry high consequences, often life or death. They contain the potential for catastrophic error, from which there can...

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