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'Shoot, Don't Shoot'

Military decisions carry high consequences, often life or death. They contain the potential for catastrophic error, from which there can be no recovery. The collateral dead stay dead, the civilian aircraft remains shot down, the trauma of a friendly-fire incident persists for a lifetime, promising careers are cut short, units disbanded, capabilities dismantled.

These are the opening words of 'Shoot, Don't Shoot', published by the RAAF's Air Power Development Centre. This book is the basis for the 'High Consequence Decision Making' program designed by the author with the aim of minimising the risk of catastrophic error. HCD does not only operate in a military context, but anywhere there are complex situations that involve yes/no decisions which once taken are irreversible, and where the cost of error can be catastrophic.

The book is available in hard copy for $25, but can also be downloaded for free from the APDC website. Take a look, your thoughts and comments are welcome below.

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