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for when failure is NOT an option

Decision making in the face of adversity - incident, emergency, and crisis management, the human factors and organisational inputs that ensure safety, mitigate risk, and minimise error

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Don't Blame the Frontline Operator

The accidental shootdown of Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752 is a classic 'Shoot, Don't Shoot' situation. At the critical point,...

Course Intro

This is the course intro to Avoiding Catastrophe's training program in High Consequence Decision Making, 'how to know whether you are...

'Shoot, Don't Shoot' training trailer

This is the trailer for our forthcoming online training program in High Consequence Decision Making (HCD). It is aimed at commanders,...


These clients have all used one version or another of Avoiding Catastrophe's training programs in High Consequence Decision Making (HCD)...

Mazda In Trouble After Repeated Failures

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has just announced it is taking Mazda to court on behalf of consumers who...

Callide Creek - Failure IS An Option

The Callide Creek Flood of 2015 is instructive for professionals in the disaster and emergency management field because in this incident...

Lessons from the Dunalley Fire

"Decisions taken on the fireground, at the location of any kind of emergency or military engagement, are driven by the demands of the...

The Woolsey Fire - An IMT's Worst Nightmare

The Woolsey Fire in November 2018 destroyed much of Malibu, California, cost three lives, and destroyed no less than 1,643 properties....

Intelligence Is Not Forecasting

The value of intelligence does not lie in the accuracy of its forecasts, but the quality of the decisions it informs, the actions it...

PG&E Corp - A Failing Organisation

Pacific Gas &Electricity Corporation (PG&E), California's largest electricity provider, is a failing organisation. 'Crisis management' is...

What Decision Making Really Involves

The key factors in sound decision making turn out to have nothing to do with the point of decision itself, but everything to do with how...

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